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FaceCradle is proudly distributed in Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa by Sun Island Distributors cc

Sun Island Distributors cc Company Information:
In operation since 1991, Sun Island Distributors' scope of operations covers representation of a diverse
range of product categories in the FMCG market, both locally as well as in the sub-Saharan area with the
aim of expanding our products’ market coverage either via direct feeding through major Retail chains or
through specialized distributor(Product vs Distributor match). Thus expediting the products’
entry/introduction to the local markets here.
We operate through our collaborates and various business associates/ links in order to introduce new
lines of products in existing categories and/or new product categories, through retail chains.
Amongst other products, which includes the FaceCradle Travel Pillow, we currently represent - both
locally and within the sub-Saharan area - the ‘Serano’ brand of Dry Fruits & Nuts product range
(a well established, high quality European brand).
We have introduced the brand to the local market via a major retail chain,
namely Pick 'n Pay Retailers Ltd S.A. - a total of more than 1200 outlets,
with average retail space of 3500sqm/ea

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